Artist's Statement

It is our belief that light is the key to the soul. Through black and white photography we hope to transport the viewer to India's rural villages to experience the beauty of their way of life. We hope to distill the essence of a unique society, document the ancient values of India, and reveal insights into the human spirit through the graceful forms of a way of life perhaps older than any other on earth.

Unlike color photography, black and white delineates a mystical clarity between light and shadow, a haunting illumination of fine detail.

We first visited India in 1990. Since then our photographic journeys have brought us back to India eight times in eight years to visit Kurukshetra, the Rann of Kuch, the desert beyond Jodphur, the back waters of Kerala, and Srivillipitur. Our love of India and its people continues to grow with each visit.

We want other peoples of the world to view these compelling images of Indian life. It is also our hope that as India, itself, sees the beauty of its way of life reflected in our photographs it might chose to maintain some of the old ways. Indeed, we hope in some small measure to contribute to the saving of the grace and dignity of India's traditions and history.